Things That Can Go Wrong On Your Big Day

One of the most important day in anyone’s life could be the day two people exchange their vows and come together in union saying ‘ I do’. The white dress, the champagne, the toasts, everything is magical and beautiful on that special day. But let’s drop the suits and the decoupage boxes, for we all know a nuptial ceremony is more than just the decorations and the food. There’s a lot of things to be planned ahead and a lot of things to be done. Big shocker for the brides to be out there, sometimes things can get out of hand and unplanned circumstances may happen on that day. But we’ve got you, here’s a list of things that could possibly go wrong on your special day.

A simple four wordings in your beautiful letterpress wedding invitations can turn into your worst nightmares. Why is this so important before choosing your caterer or even your dress? Well if you have less people or more people showing up for your day, there’s either going to be leftovers or the guests have nothing left to eat. Don’t shrug off the RSVP duty, it’s important that you know your guest count, to make your big day count.

Look out for wardrobe malfunctions
It’s always good to surprise your guests with something out of the blue. But you don’t want a rip in your dress to be the highlight of the day. Malfunctions happen all the time, it’s good to be prepared with some needles and thread in case something comes off. Make sure you are ready and fit to put on your white gown.

Taste everything
You don’t want to find bland meals at the table. Your buffet needs to be perfect. People look forward to the meals. It might seem easy to call and order the meals from your caterers, until the day has come, the food tags are missing, your vegan friends have no choice, and your gluten intolerance guests have to keep away from the dessert.

The decorations
There will be a very good chance that you would say ‘uh oh’ instead of saying ‘I do’ just by looking at the decorations on your day. The flowers are not the color you wanted, you wanted a nature themed wedding instead it looks like a Jurassic theme park. You might want to keep some supplies just in case some of your decorations starts coming off. Never rely on DIY’s for your big night, there’s always a possibility that things might come apart. Have your glue sticks, glue guns and cheap stickers Australia at hand. They might come in handy in case you have a disaster happening with your decorations. Things might go downhill on your special night and you might have to re watch every episode of your big day with a tissue box and ice creams .The easiest solution for every bride to be is to go to a professional wedding planner. Let them handle the pressure and you can relax. Always leave space for a doubt and a ‘what if’. You can never say when the sky decides to rain on your outdoor marital ceremony or when the strong wind might come your way. It’s always safe to think about the worst that can happen, this way you can have the assurance that everything goes